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A Wanderung trip from end to end of Skyline 2 including Lone Goat, and Snow Camp.
I'd done this trail 4 years ago form Strawberry Flats and back, and only to Snow Camp mountain. This time as part 2 of a crssover form Skagit Valley, my team was hiking from Mowich
camp, and we also checked out a clouded Lone Goat on the way.

This trail has some good views (not as good as some ridge walks), and I'd say worth doing but I'm not convinced that it wartants more than a day hike, so leave your heavy packs behind so you can enjoy it more. Ity pays on this one to have good weather (our was on and off, with some nice windows).

In 103 hikes, Lone Goat is the destination, but snow Camp is a much nicer high point (but buggy!)

Going downhill only was nice but the last part of the trail is pretty long! There was a tiny bit of windfall that needed to be climbed over.

-some very small snow patches on Snow Camp Mtn
-a bit buggy, and very buggy on Snowcamp and Lone Goat despite the breeze
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