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Ahmad @ Deeks Lake   
The viewpoint. It is not obvious to find. It is located at altitude 500m and about 100m after the flat part of the trail. It is one of the highlight of the trail.
It was very nice here. I almost fell asleep.
after two hours
snow starts at about 720m altitude
continuously after 780
many postholes after 820m almost to the lake
deep postholes
almost there
Deeks Lake. It is not passable. There was a track which seemed to be fairly recent
time log at the lake
first airplane
second one.
Nice views from the parking lots. There were two cars, while I was there, came just to take pictures.
Half of the trail is wade and mostly flat.
water fall
Album: Picasa
Two thirds of the trail was snow free. Snow started at 720m. No need for snowshoes but the snow was rotten and postholing was frequent. It seemed that there were quite recent traffic to the lake possibly from the weekend. The lake itself was not cross-able anymore although I saw a track crossing it which seemed not to be too long ago. If you want to continue beyond the lake, I think you will need snowshoes. Gaitors are helpful in anyway.
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