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The branch that leads to the trailhead
Thinking of doing something close in Northshore that has no GPS track on the system and I hadn't done before took over 1/2 hour to find. Paton's Lookout was the place. Without any research I rode my bike headed out. There is a new bike lane on Lillooet Rd that connects and Mt Seymour Parkway and Capilano University which is really nice to have but there is still few hundred of the road that has no separate bike lane.
The trailhead is located at the very end of the branch that you see in the first picture. It is easy to spot. The trail is steep but the pathway is well defined. There are enough Markers especially when you need them. The lookout is great. It is good idea to explore as different parts provide unique views especially to Seymour Lake and Seymour dam that you don't see from anywhere else. I also spotted a house in Seymour Lake that might have been part of the village was flooded when the dam was built. I didn't see markers that mark the trail to Coliseum but didn't really look for them.
The entire trip home-to-home took 7 hours including 30-40 minutes break on the lookout.
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