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Bruce @ Elk Mountain   
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Planned on a late start, hoped for the weather to clear up and wasn't disappointed. Definitely more snow up top since last weekend. Spikes are a must I think. The icy sections start just past the 2.5km marker and get worse as the trail becomes steeper. However, once you come out into the clearing just before the first viewpoint, it is only snow to contend with from that point.

Other than one small bird that posed for a number of pictures, I didn't see any wildlife. The snow on the trees and the brilliant blue sky made this well worth the effort. The valley looked to be blanketed by fog in some sections further west.

I didn't see many other hikers up there today. Round trip was 3 hours 20 minutes.
at 5pm Dec 30, 2011
My wife and I are thinking of doing this hike; we don't have spikes... something we should look into. What kind would you recommend and can this hike be done without them? Walking just off to the side of the path... Also, can this hike be done without snowshoes or do we need those too?
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