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Andrew @ Deeks Lake   
Once on the road it's easy to find the trail, which is obvious and well-marked.
Album: Flickr
The Porteau Cove overpass parking lot is very spacious and the trailhead is right in the lot. The first 3km or so of trail is a logging road which we drove up using a 2WD pickup - high clearance is necessary and there are steep sections of road with a loose surface and some water damage. Driving up reduced the hike by about 2 hours. Signage is excellent - it would be difficult to get off-trail.

The trail is essentially snow-free until Deeks Lake. Lots of water currently available as the trail parallels Deeks Creek for much of the route past the logging road. The lake is beginning to thaw - there is open water near some shoreline but it is still mostly covered in ice. Snow seems to be deeper past the lake but appears (judging by footsteps seen from a distance with binoculars) to be consolidated.
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