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With the first significant snowfall of the winter on the ground, finally completing to through hike from Atsion to Batsto was in the cards. It was also a trip to say goodbye to my Fronty which has been an excellent companion on many excursions over the last few years.

Setting off in the brisk air under a clear sky, the snow cast a very different feel on the trail. Though the only wildlife I spotted were a pair of whitetails, the evidence of all the other forest denizens was readily evident in the snow. The trail moved quickly under my feet, and I was soon at the Beaver Pond, and ready to press on.

From the Beaver Pond, the trail tracks away from the Mullica River for a time, meandering through the woods before meeting up with the river again. Further on the trail offers access to the Mullica River Wilderness camp, allowing hikers and canoeists a quiet place to overnight. The trail then follows the river again until reaching Constable Bridge where it has been detoured due to flood damage on the portion of the trail along the river. The trail follows an old fire road over to Batsto Lake and follows the shoreline down to Batsto Village.

With a little bit of time to kill, I followed the trail out to Tom's Pond to see the old dam I didn't see the last time I hiked the trail, a nice finish to a great hike.
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