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Lower Yosemite Falls 27.06.2012
Walking in the meadows
Surrounded by massive rocks
Deer grazing in the meadows
Album: Picasa
Evgeny was keen on doing a more strenuous hike and went to the Upper Yosemite Falls while I, with our two friends, took it easy and headed off to the Mirror Lake and the Lower Yosemite Falls.

The lakes turned out to be "seasonal", so there was barely any water in them. On another hand, it was very relaxing to walk barefoot in the water and linger at the quieter upper lake. Multiple families with splashing kids made the larger lake look like a designated beach. We took the trail on the way there, and waded through the stream to walk the road for the way back. The trail is very dusty and is also used by horses, so the road was much preferred.
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