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at 6pm Jul 22, 2012
at 12pm Jul 22, 2012
Photos are amazing, well done.
at 4am Jul 22, 2012
I was going there on my 2WD car. The road there was passable if you drive slowly and carefully. I couldn't pass only the last kilometer there because of the small ditch there and backed off. I stopped at around 10.5 km parking spot then walked to the "winter" trailhead, which is approximately at 11.5km.
at 1am Jul 22, 2012
Another question, what was the FSR like leading up to the trailhead?
at 1am Jul 22, 2012
Barely any scrambling at all, everything was still covered by snow including the crux. If you are fine with steep snow it's absolutely no problem this time of the year. River crossing needs to be done upstream over the snow too otherwise the water is too high to ford it.
at 12am Jul 22, 2012
Was the scrambling section exposed for you? It's look pretty fun.
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