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Steve @ Petgill Lake   
No snow, no mud, no bugs.

This trip brought me back to the early days of Wanderung. I truly enjoyed the company of my 7 companions (interesting in the "good way") as we hiked up to the this classic "two-payoff" hike. I had forgotten how the trail itself is a great part of this hike as we rose and fell throught mossy sparely treed areas, but payoff #1 was even more of a hit: the lake. Non-glacial temperatures make this one of the best hike lakes I know (6 of us swam). After the lake we went up to the viewpoint and had lunch overlooking How Sound. On the way down we came across more people that I recall Petgill ever having,... including a guided group! (at Petgill?!). On the way down we hit 1 viewpoint we missed on the way up (around 1/2 way down), that had yet anther great view of the Chief and Squamish from a rarely seen angle.
For those looking for a pace to hit o a warm day - Petgill is it. Tons of tree cover for shade, an awesome lake and and viewpoint where you can dry out.
at 11pm Aug 07, 2012
Hey Steve,
Will there be any sort of meeting minutes for your presentation on how to be a better callout organizer? Something that may show up in the next Wanderung information email?
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