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Cheakamus River Just off HWY 99
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This was an awesome hike. Driving about 11km off the HWY we parked in on the shoulder of the road (enough room for like 3 cars max.) The 3 of us (Myself, R - friend, and M - friends dad) started from the truck at about 9:00, it was easy enough to find the path down into the forest, unfortunately there are a lot of trees with ribbons around them so it was a bit challenging telling apart the ones that marked the trail from the ones for cutting down trees.

Once we got down out of the trees we just followed the creek towards its source, it was an easy scramble to begin with but as we got closer to the waterfall it got steeper and the scramble got a little more difficult. The views back down the valley are amazing the photos doesn't do it justice. At about the two hour mark M was struggling a bit and decided that his hike was almost over and told us to go on ahead. R and myself crested the first sorta ridge and before us was this cool glacier... the light breeze felt amazing and so refreshing.

This is were I pulled out my ice ax and R pulled out his walking poles. The snow on the glacier wasn't the greatest I'll be honest mostly frozen and very little depth, so it was kinda challenging to get good grip or to kick in toe holes for the steeper sections... nothing we couldn't handle though. Once we made it to the second ridge and we look back its just a breathtaking view, This is were we stopped for a few min and took pictures and just relaxed for a few min before we made our way to the peak.

After our brief rest we made our way around the to the back side our the peak to make our approach. We came at it on the north east face and looking up I didn't think we would make it all the way up, the peak is all gnarly and has like all these twisted angles. We just followed what seemed like the right path and past a few rock cairns which is always a good sign and before I knew it - BAM - we were at the top. It was freaking awesome on the peak, we ate some jerky and chocolate, had a shot of celebratory fire ball and admired the view before we started out decent.

Once we retraced our footsteps and were off the peak in no time... the glacier was fun coming down because what took us a little over an hour to hike up we slid down on your butts in 10 min, I used my ax to slow me down so i wouldn't slam into the rocks at the bottom. Once you get off the glacier SAY TO THE LEFT/CENTER we didn't, we went too far right and came to a cliff we couldn't pass so we had to come back up the mountain and cut over to where we came up (Rookie mistake) which added an a little over an hour. The scramble that we had on the way up was more challenging on the way down as we were getting tired, especially from our little detour. The ice cave at the end was a nice thing to see but neither of us wanted to risk going it so we just admired it from the outside and headed back to the truck where M was waiting for us.

Great hike I'm going to do it again next year.
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