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The lower parts of Grouse have a lot of streams
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Finally I got to finish the second half of the Baden Powell trail. I did it from Grouse to Deep Cove.
I took the bus, got stuck by the marathon in downtown, switched to the sky train, seabus, and bus again to get to Grouse. It might have been the most difficult part of the day!
The trail itself is very very well signed and it is easy going in the forest with a lot of ups and downs. Not much viewa, but a perfect day. There was a few people training for the "kneeknacker" race.
When I arrived at Lynn headwaters I followed the paved road and turned left into Rice road, crossed the bridge and turned right on the other side to follow the river. Not sure if that's the official BP trail, but I lost it for a few minutes.
The Lynn canyon makes a nice lunch break in the middle of the trail.
The next very nice point is the Deep cove lookout.
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