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Sabine @ Mount Weart   
Another early start. Leaving camp and Weart glacier to go back up the Weart-Wedge col
Album: Flickr
We did Mount Weart as a side trip on our third day, going out from Turner Peak towards Wedgemount Lake. This is not the usual way, but since we went back up to the Wedge-Weart col, we ditched the big packs at the col and headed towards Mount Weart. Instead of following the North ridge, we tried to contour the first bump on the East slopes, but we were slowly but surely forced to go back down, almost to Weart glacier! We eventually found a way to get back up on the ridge and stick to it. It's a great scramble along the ridge on a big pile of rocks all the way to the summit.
On the way back, we follow the ridge entirely, back to the Wedge-Weart col, down Wedge glacier to Wedgemount Lake and down to the parking lot. Long and steep descent on tired legs!
Note that this way involves glacier travel, so be equipped for it!
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