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First day in Cathedral Park. I took my mum up Grimface Mountain via Ladyslipper Lake Trail and we had a great time. It's a great scramble on an impressive vertical looking face. Most of the hike is along the rim trail which offers great views in every direction and some neat rock features. Don't miss the indian looking figure, nor the Giant Cleft, Smokey the Bear or the Devils Wood Pile. They are all worth the trip!
We made a long loop along the rim and the most incredible thing happened to us. We were surrounded by a dozen of thunderstorms, on the right, on the left, behind and in front of us. But somehow, we had less than 5 minutes of rain on us! Not wanting to challenge the weather man any further, we dropped down on the Glacier Lake trail and back to camp!
The good news was that the fire ban was lifted for the night because of the rain :)

On a sad note, both pine beetles and spruce beetles arrived about 5 years ago in the park and one third of the trees are already dying :(

Most of my friends told me that the hike to get to Quiniscoe Lake wasn't nice, so to get the most out of our trip there, we took the Lodge Jeep to transport us. But the price is brutal... 120 CAD / person for a return trip that is less than an hour long!!!????
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