Dam Mountain

North Vancouver, BC, Canada   Edit place
Length: 4Km
Elevation: 240m
High Point: 1340m
Time needed: 2 hours
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Summary: A popular short hike from the Grouse Mountain Chalet to the bump just west of Grouse Mountain. The return trip takes less than two hours. Walk past the Grizzly bear enclosure and then onto the old road on the west side of Grouse Peak. After about 500 m the road ends and a good trail heads up through some big trees and switchbacks to the "peak". The trail continues on to Goat and Crown mountains. Snow can linger until July some years. Snowshoers should be careful on icy days since there are some steep slopes along the trail.
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Distance done: 4Km    Elevation done: 240m    Edit stats
Distance done: Km      Elevation done: m
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