Cerise Creek

BC, Canada   Edit place
Length: 10.5Km
Elevation: 460m
High Point: 1680m
Time needed: 4.5 hours
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Directions: Take Highway 99 (Sea to Sky) to Pemberton. Continue on Highway 99 to Mount Currie, and turn right toward Lillooet. Continue on highway 99 (Duffey Lake Road) and pass the Joffre Lakes Provincial Park parking lot. Cerise Creek trailhead is not marked and hard to find. It is located about 3.3Km pass the green-roof warehouse where there is "End Avalanche Area" yellow sign on the other side of the road. This is the Summer trailhead. The winter one is few hundred meters before it. If you reached Duffy Lake, you went too far.
Summary: Summer trail to Keith's Hut:

Park on the highway. The trailhead is not marked. It is located opposite of the "End Avalanche Area" sign. Once you find the trailhead, the trail is well flagged. After about 200m from the highway, you will cross the first bridge and enter a second-growth forest. After 1.4Km or 20 minutes you will reach a logging road, where you turn left. Follow the road for 0.5Km to the next fork, turn right. Follow this branch of the logging road for another 0.5Km where the trail enters the forest again. It stays in the forests for another 1Km and it crosses two more creeks.

At 3.6Km from the trailhead, you will reach a small meadow and you will have good view of Joffre Peak. At 4Km, there is a fork with a sign "Glacier - Hut", take right. The trail climbs steeply. On the left side of the trail, you will see a bolder field. The trail switches back and forth few times before it crosses the bolder field at 4.5Km. Keith Hut is 0.5Km away from this point. The trail grade becomes more gentle when it gets closer the hut and passes by small pond just 100m away from the hut.
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Distance done: 10.5Km    Elevation done: 460m    Edit stats
Distance done: Km      Elevation done: m
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