Black Tusk (from Rubble Creek parking lot)

Whistler, BC, Canada   Edit place
Length: 24.0Km
Elevation: 1735m
High Point: 2315m
Time needed: 13.5 hours
Diffculty: Difficult
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Directions: Drive north on Hwy 99 from Vancouver towards Whistler. Zero your odometer at Cleverland Ave in Squamish. Drive 32Km along Sea-to-Sky Hwy. The turnoff is a small, paved road that is not easy spot. It is located 150m north of a bridge over "Rubble Creek" (see map above). Drive 2.7 km to the Rubble Creek parking lot on this paved road.
Summary: From the trailhead hike 6 km up the Barrier to the Taylor Meadows junction. Turn left towards Taylor meadows campground which you reach after another 1.5 km.
From the campground follow the trail for another 2.5 km to the Garibaldi lake junction. Go strait for another hundred meters until you reach another junction. Turn right towards the Black task viewpoint. You will reach the viewpoint after another 2 km. From the viewpoint you can hike further up the task to the base of the mountain. There is a chimney which can brings you further up to the summit. However, if you don't want to scramble, the chimney is your final destination.
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Distance done: 24Km    Elevation done: 1735m    Edit stats
Distance done: Km      Elevation done: m
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