Paton's Lookout (from Seymour Trailway)

BC, Canada   Edit place
Length: 25.0Km
Elevation: 780m
High Point: 1020m
Time needed: 9.5 hours
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Directions: From Hwy1 take exit 22a toward Lilloot Road. At the exit, change lane toward left and follow the sign for Capilano University. Drive to the very end of Lillooet Rd and park at Rice Lake parking lots which is located about 5km from the exit. Bike up along Seymour Valley Trailway to about 9.2Km and watch for a logging road on the left side. The first 10m of the logging road is paved and it is located after Stoney bridge. If you reach the junction with Seymour Mainline used as a maintainence road for Seymour dam, you have gone too far. Hike up the logging road to its end. It is about 0.5Km. Look for ribbons on the right side. This is the trailhead.
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Distance done: 25Km    Elevation done: 780m    Edit stats
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