Atsion Lake (Atsion to Batsto Trail) Edit trail

Location: NJ, USA
Roundtrip: 11.5Km
Elevation gain: 50m
High point: 50m
Time needed: 3 hours
Summary: Atsion Forge was founded in 1765 and, with Batsto on the south end of this hike and several other sites, provided iron to much of the eastern US until the mid 1800s when the production of iron shifted to eastern Pennsylvania.

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The trail from Atsion to Batsto follows near, but for the most part not on Quaker Bridge Road, an unimproved road which provides a driving route from Atsion to Batsto on the north side of the Mullica River, before transferring to Mullica River Road (also unimproved). For the most part, the trail is well blazed, but care should be taken to stay on trail, as there are numerous areas where heavy use by motor vehicles tend to confuse the hiking trail. Also of note, the trail tends to flood near the Batsto end during heavy rains, and the last footbridge is in poor condition, and has partially collapsed. There is an alternate route at Constable Bridge which continues to follow Mullica River Road on the east side of the Mullica River instead of crossing the river.