Overlord Mountain (From Whistler Village)

BC, Canada   Edit place
Length: 38.0Km
Elevation: 2000m
High Point: 2625m
Time needed: 18.5 hours
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Summary: This trip is very long. Cumulative elevation gain is ~3400 m. It starts as a very easy hiking that past the Russet lake can become mountaineering at certain periods of the year or depending on the taken route. The best time to make it as easy (relatively) as possible and avoid mountaineering altogether is to do it in September before the new snow has fallen while ascending and descending via eastern side of the moraine to get to the Whirlwind peak. Exposure on the ridge between Whirlwind peak and Overlord mountain is very mild. Watch for snow cornices though and don't step on them.
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Distance done: 38Km    Elevation done: 2000m    Edit stats
Distance done: Km      Elevation done: m
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