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Hurricane Ridge is a quick and easy access to the alpine in Olympus National Park. Following Klahane Ridge is a popular hike, but we saw no-one in the morning. The trail is very easy to follow at the beginning along the ridge, but we left it on the slopes of Mount Angeles to get to the summit. It was suposed to be an easy hike with very little scramble near the top, but my poor routefinding skills got us into hard class 3-5 moves on the South Face of Mount Angeles. Very loose rocks. My mum followed without complaining too much but she was worried about the way down. Luckily, once at the summit, I manage to find the trail on the northwest face and we dropped down scree and mud slopes. Much easier and way faster! All in all, it was a great unexpected loop :p If you don't want to be stuck in the class 4-5 scramble, DON'T GO UP THE SCREE SLOPE! Contour it at the base on your left. There is a small cairn that we saw on our way back.

Views towards Olympic Peak in one direction and the ocean on the other, with Baker popping out of nowhere. Quite amazing. And a family of marmots was playing in the meadows, not scared at all by our presence. Lots and lots of mountain goat tracks, but we didn't spot any.
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