The Lions/Binkert Trail Edit trail

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Location: Bowen Island, BC, Canada
Roundtrip: 15.0km
Elevation gain: 1280m
High point: 1525m
Time needed: 9.5 hours
Summary: Soon after you drive into Lions Bay, turn left to Crossing Creek road to cross Harvey Creek. It will be more than 2 hours of hiking to cross it again by a small hanging bridge. Harvey Creek is located between Mount Harvey and the Lions. The trailhead is located at 225m altitude and on the left slopes of Mount Harvey Ridge. About 23 minutes later, you come at the first junction (380m). The steep and high cliffs of Harvey is visible now. Take the right trail as we want to be in the area between Harvey and the Lions. Magnesia Creek could be audible now. Magensia Creek separates Mount Harvey and Brunswick and we will not cross it. After 45 minutes and after doing few switchbacks you come cross another junction (560m), take right. The trail then traverses slowly around Harvey Ridge without any switchbacks. You will come across other junctions, take always the right one. At about 700m of altitude, you will see Unnecessary North Peak and along its ridge is the Lions. The bridge is not too far now. Continue straight along the trail till you see on the right side a treed ridge. It is about 400m higher but looks less than that as it is round. The bridge is located just on the foothill of that ridge at altitude 780m. Once you are on the other side of the creek, the trail switches back and forth a long the east face of the ridge. At about 950m, the trail will be just outside of Unnecessary bowl. The trail direction is almost east. You will also notice the trees are intact close to the bowl as they were proctected against the blow-down caused by the storm happened few years ago. Once you get to Shoulder (~1250m), the west face of the West Lion is visible.